Idyllic wedding venue in Rovaniemi

Unforgettable wedding at the Cabin of Lähteentie

The Cabin of Lähteentie is an idyllic wedding venue with exquisite catering service near the center of Rovaniemi. The venue, which has space for up to a hundred guests, exudes rustic romance. 

If the walls of our Cabin could speak, they would tell you about the many joyous weddings they have witnessed. A unique venue exuding rustic romance near the center of Rovaniemi, combined with a great catering service, guarantees an unforgettable wedding. And of course, every wedding is designed from start to finish to meet the desires of the happy couple.

  • Space for up to hundred guests
  • Food comes straight from the Cabin’s kitchen
  • Piano, projector and WI-FI available to guests
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Space for up to hundred guests

There are about 100 customer seats in the Cabin’s hall, but when the cabinet is put into use, it can accommodate 30 more people. The minimum charge for our catering service is for 30 people, on Sundays for 40 people.

Yard area open for fun

When a wedding is held at the Cabin of Lähteentie, you don’t have to limit yourself to the interior alone. The green courtyard of the Cabin is available for fun outdoor activities, such as dancing.

Wedding menus

From the four wedding menus designed by our chef, it is easy to choose the right package for your party. If necessary, of course, we tailor the menu to the wishes of our customers. We always try to fulfill the wishes to a tee, for which we have received a lot of praise.

Menu 1

Green salad
Potato salad
Smoked whitefish salad
Goat cheese salad
Country bread, butter

Whole fried pork fillet
– pink peppercorn sauce
– cheesy potatoes
– warm vegetable side dish

Wedding cake
Coffee, tea

Price 44 €/person (incl. VAT)

Menu 2

Caesar-salad naturel
Roast beef, tarragon mayonnaise
Crab salad with toast
Chicken salad
Country bread, butter

Fried salmon
– lemon sauce
– dill potatoes
– warm vegetable side dish

Wedding cake
Coffee, tea

Price 49 €/person (incl. VAT)

Menu 3

Green salad
Tomato-mozzarella salad
Wild mushroom salad
Salted salmon
Reindeer-flatbread rolls
Country bread, butter

Pulled beef brisket
– red wine sauce
– rösti (fried grated potato cakes)
– warm vegetable side dish

Wedding cake
Coffee, tea

Price 51 €/person (incl. VAT)

Menu 4

Wild mushroom salad
Smoked reindeer-bread cheese salad
Smoked whitefish salad
Cold smoked rainbow salmon on rye bread
Finnish flatbread, butter

Sautéed reindeer
– mashed potatoes
– pickled cucumber
– lingonberry jam

Wedding cake
Coffee, tea

Price 57 €/person (incl. VAT)

Price list

Price of waiter / waitress
210 €
Rent until 24 on weekdays / Holidays and eves
700 € / 850 €
Price of the tablecloth
12 €
Minimum charge according to 35 people
The price of the food includes the chef's salary, candles and napkins
Cleaning fee
150 €