Catering for many situations

Idyllic venue for more than a hundred happy diners

The Cabin of Lähteentie is much more than an idyllic party venue. Whether it’s a large family occasion or a May day brunch, our skilled and friendly staff provides you a great catering experience.

Our staff has a long experience in providing high-quality catering services.Our chef has designed menu suggestions for all the important family occasions so that the customer can choose the one they like best. Lapland-buffet is a popular choice with many different people, because it’s a convenient way to explore the wonderful Lappish culinary culture.

Every now and then the Cabin also hosts themed lunches / dinners, usually coinciding with some festive day, allowing you to book yourself a spot at the table filled with great food.

  • Space for up to hundred guests
  • Delicious dishes are prepared in our kitchen
  • Sound system, video projector and WiFi available to guests
  • You can bring your own drinks
Interested? Let’s plan a catered event that meets your needs.

Tell us more about your wishes, we’ll be in contact soon.

Pick a menu or choose a tailor-made solution

Our knowledgeable chef knows the needs of different occasions and is acutely aware of what dishes bring out the best out of each event. For different occasions, we have numerous menu suggestions for you to choose from. Of course, we can also design a fully tailor-made menu with you.

Menu 1

Green salad
Potato salad
Smoked whitefish salad
Goat cheese salad

Country bread, butter

Whole fried pork fillet
– pink peppercorn sauce
– cheesy potatoes
– warm vegetable side dish

Chocolate mousse
Coffee, tea

Price 39 €/person (incl. VAT)

Menu 2

Caesar-salad naturel
Roast beef, tarragon mayonnaise
Crab salad with toast
Chicken salad
Country bread, butter

Fried salmon
– lemon sauce
– dill potatoes
– warm vegetable side dish

Chocolate brownies
Coffee, tea

Price 44 €/person (incl. VAT)

Menu 3

Green salad
Tomato-mozzarella salad
Wild mushroom salad
Shrimp salad
Reindeer-flatbread rolls
Country bread, butter

Pulled beef brisket
– red wine sauce
– rösti (fried grated potato cakes)
– warm vegetable side dish

Raspberry parfait
Coffee, tea

Price 46 €/person (incl. VAT)

Menu 4

Wild mushroom salad
Smoked reindeer-bread cheese salad
Smoked whitefish salad
Cold smoked rainbow salmon on rye bread
Finnish flatbread, butter

Sautéed reindeer
– mashed potatoes
– lingonberry jam
– pickled cucumber

Cranberry panacotta
Coffee, tea

Price 52 €/person (incl. VAT)